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Alex the Cat passed peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at approximately 10:45 AM PST after a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer. He leaves behind his human mom, sister Cleo, and many friends all over the world.

Alex was born on or around April 20, 1993 near Albany, New York. It is believed that when his cat-mom's original family learned that she was pregnant, they irresponsibly took her out to the countryside and left her there. When the kittens came, Alex's mom, who was later named Fluff, cared for them to the best of her ability, though she was scarcely more than a kitten herself.

When the responsibilities of motherhood became too much for her, she visited the houses in the area to ask the humans there for help. A woman named Louise offered her some milk and cat food. Over the next two hours, Fluff carried the kittens, one by one, to Louise. Alex was the largest of these, a handsome, orange, classic tabby with golden eyes and a white locket.

Alex's mom was living in Burlington, Vermont at the time and was lonely for some feline companionship. A mutual friend of Alex's future mom and Louise's sister suggested that she adopt one of Fluff's kittens. Alex was delivered to his human mom by Louise's sister on July 30, 1993.

Alex helped his mom finish her MS at the University of Vermont and then the two moved to Litchfield, Connecticut. In January 1997, Alex and his mom relocated to Laramie, Wyoming to start work on a PhD. Upon completing studies at the University of Wyoming, they then moved to Covington, Kentucky, while Alex's mom worked at the EPA in Cincinnati, Ohio.

On September 26, 2002, Alex and his mom adopted a 9-week-old Maine coon "copy cat", which they named Cleo. The three moved to Corvallis, Oregon in September 2005. Following the move, Alex had a series of seizures, possibly related to stress, and it was decided that he would never move long distance again. It was there that he passed to the Bridge in February 2008.

Alex enjoyed watching birds and squirrels, chasing his sister, relaxing on the outdoor balcony, and trying new foods. In spite of the digestive problems that plagued him for most of his life, he was a cheerful, friendly kitty. He loved to cuddle with his mom and be brushed with a special kitten brush, which he had stolen from Cleo. He was always happy to help around the house, by supervising bed-making, doing laundry, overseeing meal preparation, or waking his mom at 4 am, in case she had anything important to do. He had an extensive vocabulary, which included "food" in four languages.

Donations in Alex's memory may be made to the Humane Society of your choice. His family will be participating in the Candle Ceremony on February 4 and 11, 2008. All are welcome to attend and take part in any way that is meaningful to you.


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