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Wow. I seem to be writing a lot lately. Here is something someone just shared with me. It's about socializing feral kittens. I was a feral kitten and I'm not very well socialized with humans. I like other cats though, unless they overstay their welcome like Cleo.

So, I didn't know that human shoe sizes are based on kitten ages. I wonder if that is how a vet tells how old a kitten is. She could use one of those measuring things that they have in shoe stores. I've never seen one of those at the vet's though. I think they can tell age from eyes or teeth or something.
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Does anyone else ever look at Stuff on My Cat? It's kind of dumb, but it seems to be something that humans enjoy. Mom likes today's first items here and here. We like this one too. It's like some kind of "Alice in Wonderland" thing.

I've decided to start labeling my public entries in the subject line, so cats on my friends list will have any easy way to tell which entries are visible to the rest of the world. I pretty much limit my public entries to things I find on the internet that I think are either amusing or informative.

Funny video

Jun. 6th, 2006 07:35 pm
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Hey, you cats! Take a look at this. It's funny.


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