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I am going to try opening up this diary again on a limited basis. The entries that I blocked are going to stay blocked because I'm too lazy to unblock them. Anonymous commenting is no longer enabled. If you want to leave comments here, you will need to get a Live Journal account of your own. It's unlikely that I will enable anonymous commenting again.
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This is Alex’s human. I feel a need to speak up and explain the new look of Alex’s journal. Yeah, his entries are all gone. How about that? As they say on Catster, “where’d that cat go?”

You see Live Journal has this handy feature that allows us to set our entries to be read by only those on our friends list here. The entries aren’t really gone. They are just hidden from you. I did this to prove a point.

You’ve already driven us off Catster. You aren’t going to drive us off Live Journal. It’s not a possibility. So, you won a round. Enjoy your victory but accept that it’s not going to be repeated here. I can block you from commenting and I can ban you from reading.

If you are reading this journal and would like to continue reading it, you need to watch your manners. This is not Catster. There are no mods here to take sides and protect you when you say something stupid or inappropriate. There is me and I’m not having it. Yeah, if you are an entertaining fool, I may bat you around for a while but, when that gets old, you’re out of here.

Unfortunately, those who are not LJ members cannot be screened individually. IOW, I can't block specific IPs. It’s an all or nothing thing. The next time someone barges in here with an inappropriate comment that they just can’t keep to themselves, this journal will be set to “friends only” permanently. It will be locked down and only those Live Journal users who are on our friends list will be able to read our entries. It's up to you. Think about it.


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